Nature designed food to break itself  down  in our digestive tract. However, our modern diet is far from helping our body to digest food properly, as it is deficient in enzymes. Almost everyone has experienced bloating, constipation, gas, acid reflux and swelling ( fluid retention ) after consuming certain foods. These are all symptoms of low enzymatic activity.

Enzymes play a very important part in our gut health and our overall health.

Dr. Edward Howell, the author of “Enzyme Nutrition” demonstrated conclusively that using digestive enzymes could improve digestion, regulate weight and eliminate the symptoms of variety of chronic conditions. Essentially, every process in our body needs enzymes to perform chemical and biological functions.

Naturally, our body produces variety of about 3000 enzymes. The only external source of enzymes come from the foods we eat. Most of the foods we consume now, though are devoid of enzymes, because of the way they are grown,  processed and transported. We also consume mostly cooked foods, because it is easier  and faster to eat them, they are tastier for some as well. We swallow food instead of chewing it. Chewing on raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds releases natural enzymes and helps the body to utilize them in the chemical and biological processes inside our cells. Research demonstrates that any food heated to above 118 degrees Fahrenheit loses all of its enzymes. In other words all cooked foods are deficient in enzymes. The chemically-laden  processed foods, grown with pesticides and chemical fertilizers further strain our digestive system and drain our essential enzyme reserves even more. Dr. Howell suggest that the body has a limited “Enzyme Bank Account” that gets drawn down as we age – which contributes to the degeneration associated with aging. In his book  “The Enzyme Factor”, world-renowned colon expert Dr. Hiromi Shinya, suggests that undigested protein, particularly from milk products, fast foods and red meat – can become “food” for “bad” bacteria. The bad bacteria create all kinds of toxins that leak into the blood stream causing inflammatory conditions that lead to chronic diseases long term.

Try to always add fresh green vegetables,  green smoothies, vegetable juices, fruits and whole unprocessed foods to your diet.

The reasons to add  extra enzymes to your diet are many:

  1. Enzymes improve your digestion and complete breakdown of foods.
  2. Improve assimilation of nutrients from the food you eat.
  3. Enzymes prevent auto-intoxication from the toxins in our food and environment.
  4. Extra Enzyme intake replaces the enzymes lost during food processing, irradiation and cooking.
  5. Increase Energy.
  6. Assist the Immune System and are considered “extra workers” for the Immune System.
  7. Reduce environmental and food sensitivities.
  8. Prevent muscle loss associated with aging and degenerative conditions.

Finally, maximizing on enzyme intake may improve quality of life and potentially extend your life. There is many enzymes available on the market. Ask your Health care provider at The Green Heart Naturopathic Clinic for assistance to choose the right ones for you.